12 July, 2012

Isle of Mull and Isle of Iona, Scotland

Since early on in my time here in Scotland, I had hoped to visit the Isles of Mull and Iona. They are located off the west coast of Scotland and can only be reached by ferry! While my Uncle Mike and Aunt Connie Blesse were here visiting, they decided to take us there to go check it out! They had hired (rented) a car, so on Sunday afternoon we drove to Oban (on the west coast), took the ferry across to the Isle of Mull (about a 45 min ferry trip),

Leaving Oban on the ferry to Mull 
Dunollie Castle ruins in Oban, Scotland
then drove a little over an hour across the island and stayed in Fionnphort (pronounced "Finnafert") at a lovely B&B called Caol-Ithe Guesthouse ("Cool-ee"). We had hoped to drive to the north of the island and see the town of Tobermory, but the road we were taking was washed out from a crazy rain storm last week and we ran out of time. Thankfully the views were gorgeous off the west coast of Mull, so the drive wasn't a waste!

Just before we had to turn around due to road closure, Mull
West side of Mull
West side of Mull
The next morning we went on a boat tour with Staffa Tours (http://www.staffatours.com/boat-tours/boat-tours-from-fionnphort-and-iona/staffa-tour/) to see Staffa Island which boasts of beautiful water, Fingal's Cave and puffins! This is one of the few boat tours I would say was definitely well worth the money! We were given almost an hour to explore the island...and some crazy guy decided to go for a swim!

Uncle Mike, Aunt Connie and me on the boat
Scott with Staffa Island in the background

Fingal's Cave, Staffa Island
My adventurous husband
Yes, Scott did go swimming in the ocean inside Fingals' Cave and it was only about 60 F/16 C outside!
Staffa Boat Tours
35 weeks prego hiking around Staffa Island!
After loads of fun there, we headed back and were dropped off on the Isle of Iona! Iona is known for it's Abbey which was built by St. Columba, a man from the the North of Ireland who became a missionary to Scotland. The water is beautiful and the weather improved throughout the day!

Scott and me at Iona Port

View from Iona Port

Iona Abbey, created by St. Columba

Replica of St. John's cross outside Iona Abbey
We hope at some point we'll be able to go back and have more time to spend on Mull and especially Iona. Iona has been said to be one of the "thin places" in Scotland where people feel like God is a bit nearer. We'd love to be able to go and have time to rest and experience this for ourselves in the future!

The wee Post Office on Iona
Amazing sky and water! 
Amazing views...taken by the fabulous Scott Burns!
Ferry between Iona and Mull
Later in the day we took the 10 minute ferry trip from Iona to Mull, drove back across Mull, took the 45 minute ferry to Oban and then drove 2 hours home to Glasgow. A very full day, but well worth it! Plus, we managed to have two days in a row without rain while away from Glasgow!


  1. wow what a beautiful place... amazing and you look just adorable. Thanks for sharing this with us 'who' may never get there.

  2. Loved your post. Oh dear, Scottie, the crazy tourist. Glad he had a good swim with no incident. Thanks for sharing all the photos! God bless you guys!

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  4. Nice photos. I bet you must have enjoyed your trip a lot. Oban is a rich and diverse place. You can see a lot of birds and animals in there and you'll even get the chance to see whales and dolphins during rib trip oban.