24 November, 2010

Re:Hope Women's Worship Night

Since arriving in Glasgow, I have joined the Women's Pastoral Care Team at our church, Re:Hope. My first day in staff meeting, one of the women on staff voiced that a couple of them wanted to have a women's worship and prayer night soon, so I jumped on board to help! I've never done much on the computer before concerning invitations or the like, but I volunteered to help advertise for the event. With assistance I managed to come up with an invitation that I was proud of! I love learning how to do new things!

There are so many young women at Re:Hope! I feel like it's going to take ages to meet all of them, remember their names and then actually get to know them! It's such a wonderful spot to be though. I love getting to know women and helping them become grounded in their faith in God and connecting them with other fabulous women! Overall, Scotland is in such a place of spiritual hopelessness. The last couple of generations have walked away from God and don't have much to offer the upcoming generations. It is so refreshing to see young people searching for hope for themselves and finding God!

Last night, we hosted the event at the church building and a lot of newer women to the church attended. I was impressed with the team of women who came together to make everything happen. The response from everyone was very positive! The lights were dimmed, there were lots of candles lit and strands of white twinkle lights. The worship through singing was beautiful! Several times I just stood silently praising God and listening to the amazing chorus of women's voices around me bringing glory to His Name! If you've never experienced this kind of thing before, you should! There are few other things like it that will turn your heart to God!

10 November, 2010


Scotland is not exactly the driest place on earth! Having experienced that in the past, I was well aware of the fact that one of my first purchases upon arrival would need to be a "brolly" (umbrella). Once the brolly was acquired (at a second hand shop!) I thought I was pretty well prepared for the weather. However, within the first couple of weeks my white trainers (tennis shoes) became a splotchy brown and my trendy boots were no match for the puddles. I resolved to do something to keep my feet dry!

Prior to our move, I had heard rubber boots known as "Wellies" had become quite the hit in both fashion and dryness in the U.K. Buying a pair of Wellies sounded like a good idea, so I began to look around for a pair I liked. I tried on a pair of size 7s, thinking that would be pretty close to my U.S. size of 8. I was way off! I ended up deciding that I'm about a size 5 here! After looking at several shops, I decided to go out on a limb and get a rather colorful pair!

Now, with my brolly (umbrella) and my new Wellies, I am properly armed for the Scotland rain!