25 October, 2010

We Made It!

We made it! My U.K. Visa arrived on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 21st and we flew out from Portland on Saturday morning. After 18 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Glasgow! We're now in Scott's hometown Irvine (Ir-vin) with his family for the week.

I went to plug in my laptop earlier today and had to search for my plug adapter. Thankfully the outlet was switched on. In addition to having different outlets and volts, most plugs in the UK have on/off switches. Charging a computer doesn't work too well when the outlet is switched off (believe me I've tried before)!

I was talking with Scott's step-dad and asked him about the heating units. I've noticed that Scott's family often put their damp towels on the heater and being the typical American I was worried that there was the potential for a fire. He assured me that it was safe. The common heaters here are gas powered. The gas heats up water which flows through the radiator that sits up close to the wall. I'm guessing I'll start drying my towel that way when we get our own flat (apartment).     

When we flew into Glasgow yesterday, it was strange to be welcomed "home." Believing that Scotland is my home now is going to take some getting used to. Here I go!

19 October, 2010

The Adventure Has Already Begun!

Any day now, my U.K. permanent residency visa could arrive and the adventure of An American in Scotland will begin! Well, actually in many ways it has already begun. Though I’m currently in Oregon, being married to a Scot for the past year plus had been quite a cultural adventure. Not only did he wear a kilt to our wedding, but he allowed all of his groomsmen (most of whom were American) to experience the joys of wearing a kilt as well. I like to tease him by telling him I never thought I’d marry a man wearing a skirt!  

Free tip: One way to avoid offending a Scotsman is to never refer to his kilt as a skirt! :)