10 February, 2012

Our "Skeleton Baby"

As you may have seen via my husband's blog, we're pregnant!!! The fact that we are even pregnant is a huge miracle and is by the grace of God. If you haven't read the full story and would like to, check out http://scottburns.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/i-cant-believe-it-were-pregnant/

Tuesday, we had our first scheduled ultrasound scan as part of our "antenatal" appointment. We were 13 weeks, 2 days at that point and Baby Burns measured 11.7cm/4.6 inches! Bet you can see why we refer to this picture as our "skeleton baby" pic. ;) So happy all the bones appear to be forming as they should! I definitely shed a few tears during the ultrasound as Scott and I saw the work God is doing inside of me in the form of a tiny human being. Incredible! We are officially due on August 12th!

Baby Bump Burns! 13.2 Weeks

While I think I'm past the joys of morning sickness (which for me lasted all day), I do find if I don't eat a snack about every 2 hours I start to feel a wee bit "sicky." Such fun for a non-snacker like me! I already feel a bit like a mom carrying around snacks for her children...except the snacks are of course only for me!

I've been hearing all sorts of interesting ways to guess/determine the sex of the baby over the past few weeks. The most humorous conjecture so far came from my sister Emily. A few days after I had told her we were pregnant, we were skyping and I was describing how hungry being pregnant was making me. She proceeded to declare "If you're that hungry, you're definitely going to have a boy." There was a pause and she added, "Or a very big girl!" I just had to laugh. :) Don't worry, we'll let you know whether it's going to be a boy or a girl in about 6 weeks at our 20 week scan, provided baby cooperates! I am just so overwhelmed by how amazing and creative my God is! More to come!


  1. So exciting... so wonderful... so miraculous.

  2. I remember Megan telling about this wonderful news. So happy for both of you! Hugs!

  3. wow. this put a big smile on my face. :)
    what a precious little miracle. we should talk soon!!! x