24 December, 2011

My Long Lost Olives!

I was at Tesco yesterday (kind of like super-Walmart, but a little nicer) doing my grocery shopping when I stumbled across a tin (can) of olives that appeared to be "brine-free!" Now, if you know me, you have heard me complain a few times that too many things in Scotland are preserved in brine. This isn't such a bad thing when it's something like tinned tuna, but it is NOT nice in my opinion when black olives are soaked in brine. It changes their flavour completely!

Ever since moving here over a year ago, I have been on the hunt for olives that taste like the "normal" ones I love and eat often at home. I've searched at specialty shops and all sorts and until yesterday had not managed to find anything remotely similar! Though it cost a whopping £1.50 ($2.50) for a single tin, I decided to take the financial risk...and boy was I rewarded! They taste very similar to what I'm used to back home! Thank you Spain for your olives that taste like the ones from California!

So, if you're from a country that has tinned olives in normal salt water and you've struggled to find somethings similar in the U.K., try Fragata brand Black Olives at your local Tesco! I don't think you'll be disappointed!


  1. oh I love olives too~ sometimes just have to open up a can.

  2. I wonder if we can get them to give you money to promote their olives?

  3. I'm glad you found the olives you like! Sometimes that can be frustrating. When we lived in England for 2 years, it was hard to find thick milkshakes. Usually they were milk with Nestle Quik in them. Only found one that was close, not as thick as US and we didn't go to McDonalds. Merry Christmas to you and Scotty! We are praying for continued strength and health for Scotty in particular. Megan keeps me posted on updates. :-)