25 July, 2011

Granny Is In!

As many of you may have noticed and as the Bible funnily enough reminds us in Ecclesiastes, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." Yes indeed, in Scotland not only are some of the most hideous styles from the 80s showing their colours, but all things "Granny" have become the in thing! For the past few years, Cath Kidston http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/ has been leading the market that direction with her cheery florals on handbags and aprons, but we have now moved forward (or should I say backward) into lacy doilies, floral teacups and knitted scarves and jumpers (sweaters)!

To be honest, I never thought I would say this, but I've become a sucker for knitting! At the start of June, Re:Hope launched a Wednesday night Knit and Knatter group lead by our very own Angela Porchetta and Maria McDaid. Not only was Knit and Knatter created to teach women of all ages how to knit, but our desire is that it will serve as both a non-threatening outreach opportunity as well as a church community building event. So far we have had success with a few new people attending the knit night as well as seeing a couple gals who have been attending Re:Hope get connected with other women in the church! If you're in Glasgow, stop in for a knitting lesson, tea and dessert, and a good chat around tables covered with doilies!

A few of us have become real knitting addicts! ;) The Sunday after the first knit night, a few of us were talking about how we had spent a lot of the week knitting and couldn't seem to put our projects down! I knit while watching t.v. (CSI primarily), when chatting with friends and even in the car when someone else is driving! Watch out...I may just be turning into a granny at age 28!

  My First Knitting Project was a scarf                                              Scarf Completed!
 Dish Cloth, Almost Complete!


  1. Cool! I inherited all of my grandma's needles, but I just need motivation & a teacher. I'll have to make sure they end up in a box marked for Scotland :)

  2. That sounds great Jen! We'll teach you when you join us! :)

  3. Ironically, a friend gave me some Debbie Macomber books...they are all about knitting! It shows how the fellowship is sweet even between strangers with the common bond of knitting. :)(Blossom Street is part of the title of the first one and Great Yarn or Good Yarn? is the other one. :) Maybe I will send them to you? Love, Sue

  4. How fun! Sure, pass them along when you're done with them if you like!

  5. Maybe you're taking after your great grandma Blesse (Namah)! She was an awesome knitter. She taught me but I did more crocheting than knitting throughout the years. I really don't do much w/ yarn anymore, since I discovered quilting!