08 January, 2011

Our Flat!

I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to get the pictures together, but I'm finally posting pics of the amazing flat God provided for us! It is a traditional Glasgow style tenement flat and because of that it has some lovely features including high ceilings, crown moulding, stained glass archways, huge windows and lots of space! The front two rooms of the house have single glazed windows, so they are often quite cold, but the back rooms are double glazed so their a bit warmer. The best part about the flat is that it was advertised as a two bedroom flat with a small office and as you'll see it actually has 3 full bedrooms and it was only £45/month more than all the others that we were looking at that we half its size! We decided to invite our friend Mark to stay with us to make good use of the space and it's been great so far!

So enough of the rambling, I'll give you a tour! We are still working out of some boxes as you'll see and slowly decorating, but we're getting there!

Our Flat on Lauderdale Gardens

Come in!

Our lovely kitchen

Beautiful cabinets with our wedding dishes displayed

My favourite place to sit read!

The "small office"

Your room when you come visit!

Mark's room
The largest bedroom we'll ever have!
The living room...we're still deciding on d├ęcor


  1. Monica this is so great! Hope to come visit you soon :)

  2. Yah! How fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures - it looks beautiful! So happy that you guys are finally moved into a place of your own :)

  3. Oh it is beautiful and so calming.
    I can imagine it is a peaceful place of prayer. Would love to come visit someday.

  4. It is absolutely BRILLIANT! I love it! That old sink is IN..so in fashion! Man, I want my dishes easy to reach like that! I'm showing this to Bob! :) What a beautiful home God has given you...Now the only thing you didn't share was the toilet! :) xoxo Sue@Seaside

  5. Wow...great flat! Love the HUGE stove!!! I'm really happy for you guys!!! Andrea V.

  6. This looks great! What a blessing... I love all of the little details put into the design. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I met you and Scotty in Malaysia. I recently starting contacting him because I got accepted to U of Edinburgh. So I will be out there this summer, and possibly the next four years.

  7. Austin,
    I think I remember meeting you. It will be great to have you out this way! You'll have to come hang with us sometime. Edinburgh is great, so maybe we'll visit you there too! :)

  8. May I just say that your bedroom is DELICIOUS!!!? It's just so darling! Hope all is going well there at the flat! ;) Sue@Seaside

  9. This looks incredible! A lovely home for a lovely couple. Miss you both!
    Jen Hancock

  10. Fabulous room! My 'hoose' in Grangemouth was 13 feet wide *including* the attached garage (!) So, yes... a beautiful blessing, this flat!! And you're coming along with the decorating! I loved the British decorating shows when I was there... especially Laurence Lewellen Bowen, and Changing Rooms when Carol Smilie (think that was her name) was the host :-)